The Journey     (A Brief History of MCC NOVA)

October 1968 Rev. Elder Troy Perry, founded UFMCC with 12 people in his living room in Los Angeles

January 1981 Formation of a group to discuss establishing an MCC in Northern Virginia
February 1981 Services of Northern Virginia Parish Extension of MCC-Washington
began at the Fairfax Unitarian Church in Oakton, VA
March 10, 1981 Northern Virginia Parish Extension approved as UFMCC Study Group
March 15, 1981 Rite of Blessing for the Northern Virginia Parish Extension,
led by Rev. Jennie Boyd Bull, Founder of Ministry of Outreach at MCC-Washington
February 19, 1982 First Rite of Membership, Conducted by Rev. Elder Troy Perry, Founder of UFMCC
March 10, 1982 Northern Virginia Study Group granted Mission status.
May 9, 1982 Rev. Billie Edwards installed as Pastor
November 28, 1982 Rev. Edwards resigns
December 20, 1982 Rev. Marianne Van Fossen appointed interim Pastor
January 1, 1984 Rev. Fossen's last Sunday at MCC NOVA
June 1984-May 1985 Ms. Millie J. served as Co-Worship Coordinator
June 1984-October 1984 Ms. Lani R. served as Co-Worship Coordinator
November 1984-May 1985 Ms. Carol Lee E. served as Co-Worship Coordinator
July 21, 1985 Rev. Gail Van Buren installed as Pastor
May 13, 1987 MCC NOVA granted charter status
May 31, 1987 Rev. Elder Troy Perry preached.
June 7, 1987 Ms. Jill Farnham, Bill D., and Suzanne W. installed as Deacons
October 1, 1988 MCC NOVA leased 7245 Lee Highway (Falls Church, VA) to serve as Ministry Center
January 22, 1989 Ms. Jill Farnham installed as Student Clergy
September 23, 1989 Rev. Jane Jerome began as Clergy-In-Residence
July 8, 1990 Rev. Gail Van Buren's last service as Pastor
May 19, 1991 Rev. Darlene Garner elected as Pastor
October 9, 1991 Rev. Jill Farnham and Rev. Jane Jerome named Associate Pastors
December 15, 1991 MCC NOVA invested in MCC-Washington through purchase of $2,000 bond
July 1993 General Conference elected Rev. Darlene Garner to the UFMCC Board of Elder
December 1993 Eight-member Building Feasibility Study Task Force is selected to determine MCC NOVA's capability to determine to own or lease property to house its worship and administrative functions
March 20, 1994 Mr. Avery W. presents "An Evening of Music" to benefit the Building Fund
May 11, 1994 Ms. Belva Boone appointed Student Clergy
July 1, 1994 Rev. Thomas Bohache appointed Assistant Pastor
October 22, 1995 Mr. David S. answered call to UFMCC ministry and to study at Open Door MCC in Boyds, MD.
January 21, 1996 Building Search Task Force presented findings and recommendations for a leased space in Sterling, VA.
August 24, 1996 Members of MCC NOVA invest in purchase of UFMCC World Center
August 25, 1996 Rev. Elder Troy Perry preached
September 1996 Discontinued lease negotiations on Sterling property
December 8, 1996 Viewed 10379-A and 10383 Democracy Lane in Fairfax, VA, as potential new combined worship and Ministry Center
January 12, 1997 Mr. Don B., Mr. Jeff D., Ms. Lisa D., and Brian N. installed as Deacons
March 30, 1997 MCC NOVA issued $340,000 in bonds to finance property purchase
April 26, 1997 Sweet Sixteen Dance held at Holiday Inn in Fairfax to benefit the Building Fund
June 15, 1997 MCC NOVA invested in itself by purchasing the final bond
July 1997 Rev. Elder Darlene Garner re-elected to the UFMCC Board of Elders
August 1, 1997 Final settlement for the purchase of 10379-A and 10383 Democracy Lane
October 1, 1997 Closed Ministry Center at 7245 Lee Highway (Falls Church, VA)
and occupied second floor of 10383 Democracy Lane.
November 19, 1997 Rev. Thomas Bohache resigned as Assistant Pastor
December 7, 1997 MCC NOVA conducted its final service at the Fairfax Unitarian Church
December 14, 1997 MCC NOVA conducted its first service in its own home
April 4-5, 1998 Building Dedication and 17th Anniversary Celebration
December 20, 1998 Rev. Elder Darlene Garner's final service as Pastor of MCC NOVA
January 1999 Pastoral Search Team formed to find and evaluate Pastoral Candidates
April 25, 1999 Rev. Elder Troy Perry preached.
Sept 19, 1999 Rev. Buddy Vess began fulltime duties as MCC NOVA Pastor.
Mar 25, 2001 Rev. Elder Troy Perry preaches at MCC NOVA 20th Anniversary Service.
April 21, 2002 Rev. Buddy Vess's final service as Pastor of MCC NOVA.
Sept 15, 2002 Rev. Kharma Amos begins service as Interim Pastor of MCC NOVA.
June 1, 2003 The congregation voted to choose Rev Kharma Amos as fulltime Pastor!
Aug 2, 2003 Rev. Kharma Amos began fulltime duties as MCC NOVA Pastor.
    Today ... the Journey continues!

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